Welcome to my blog. My name is Marcin and have to admit at the start- whenever I tell people what I do ‘for pleasure’ or ‘in my spare time’ I see raised eyebrows at the least, followed by questions such as ‘why on earth?’, ‘this isn’t normal, is it?’, or ‘are there any prizes?’.

For the last few years I have been running and competing in ultramarathons and that’s what I’m going to write about on this blog, namely:

  • ultramarathons in which I intend to participate in the coming months, why this particular event, how I train and prepare for it etc.
  • my after-race reports, conclusions and lessons learnt
  • my selected training, for example when I have a chance to do a training run in an interesting place,which will likely happen fairly regularly due to the nature of my job
  • orienteering which is my next important passion
  • some past events I’ve done, time permitting of course

I truly hope that this blog will turn out to be an interesting read for you and that you will be returning here regularly.

All the best,
Marcin Krzysztofik