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The German city-state of Bremen is a place I quite like. The city is not large, has a compact and quite centrally located airport and has a nice vibe about itself. I’ve been there a few times, most recently this month. The previous time, more than two years ago, I identified a fantastic, traffic-free place for a run near the city centre. Behold the citizens park and the adjacent municipal forest (Der Bürgerpark und der Stadtwald). I went there for an exploratory jog back in 2016 and I’ve just recently returned there for a longer jaunt.

An early morning view of the posh Dorint Park Hotel, located at the Hollersee pond in the southern end of the park


The Bürgerpark is known to be Germany’s largest privately financed municipal park. I believe the story behind the private funding is, that in 19th century Bremen was growing rapidly. The local government (the Senate) ran out of money to design and build a park for its wealthy citizens. So the citizens got together and created an association. They hired a couple of landscapers to design a park.

The Stadtwaldsee lake at dawn

Once a satisfactory design was approved by the association, and the funds were collected, the Senate gave them the requested land for the municipal park. The building work lasted from 1866 until 1886. At the beginning of the 20th century the park was expanded to the north by the addition of the Stadtwald (municipal forest). It’s located very centrally, just off the main railway station and is easily accessible from multiple hotels.

The Kleiner Stadtwaldsee lake in the eastern part of the municipal forest

Lately I’ve done neither much mileage nor much intensity of running. I’ve just started to build up the weekly mileage after the winter hiatus so my intention was to do an easy run, lasting no longer than 90 minutes. I decided to go north and see how far I get before I have to go back.

Run route

I reached the Stadtwaldsee lake, north to the municipal forest, quicker than anticipated so I went around it and then proceeded back south.

Some stats

Overall I did 12 km in 75 minutes- a nice morning workout, leaving me ample time to get ready for the work day ahead.

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