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Similarly to my previous post about Lugano, I am sharing some pictures from back a few months ago, this time from Dartmoor. We went there for a family Easter trip in April 2017. It goes without saying that I used this opportunity to explore the area running.

Dartmoor National Park is located in Devon, South West England. It is well known for its natural beauty; extensive moorland and peatland is interspersed by forested valleys with their characteristic stone bridges. Dominating over them are granite rock outcrops, or tors. Interestingly, in Devon and Cornwall, the name tor is actually used for the hills themselves.

I found this river crossing on my jaunt

It was my first time in Devon and I found this part of the UK enormously picturesque. Rolling, green hills, winding single lanes, stone houses and, of course, dramatic south coast. I totally recommend Devon as a holiday destination!

Start Point on Devon’s south coast

My run in Dartmoor

I woke up early one day, drove uphill and parked my car not far from Saddle Tor. From Ashburton, where we were staying, it took me only 15 minutes. The Spring morning was crisp, but as soon as I started moving I sufficiently warmed up. I hadn’t planned any particular route; I wanted to explore the area, go from one tor to another and see where it takes me.

On my way to Haytor Rocks

I started via Saddle Tor onto Haytor Rocks, probably the most noticeable outcrop in the vicinity. I climbed the rocks and took some pictures and then set off northwards with a plan to get down a valley and then climb up on the other side to Greator Rocks. Instead of running down the valley I had to scramble down the rocks very carefully and fight my way through heather, because the path somehow disappeared. I still managed to reach a brook, which I crossed using the bridge seen at one of the photos above.

Nice view towards Haytor Rrocks

I trundled up the other side of the valley and soon thereafter climbed up Greator Rocks. A bit further north I could see another group of rocks, Hound Tor, and I continued there. Having climbed a couple of them and taken some photos I then ran along a road towards my car. Just before reaching it I made a small detour to run/hike up Rippon Tor. After all, that meant another 70 metres of altitude gain and one more tor ticked off!

Hound Tor

The route wasn’t particularly long, but it was very picturesque and totally worth it. Great way to visit a few tors on one, short outing.

The run route
Elevation profile: distance in kilometres, altitude in metres above sea level

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