Interesting places- Vienna

My blogging about running in interesting places was supposed to be infrequent, but lately I seem to be doing nothing other than that! After my exotic trip to Saudi Arabia and having done a few runs there (part 1 here and part 2 here) I spent a week or so at home and then left on another work trip, this time to the delightful Vienna. I won’t write here about all the beautiful sights you can find there and cut to the chase instead.

It wasn’t the first time I could run in Vienna. 3 or so years ago while there I took the opportunity to explore the city a little bit and see some landmarks such as Hofburg, Vienna State Opera, St Stephen’s church, or the City Hall; I also stopped by a pretty baroque park in the Leopoldstadt district called Augarten to see the characteristic World War II era flak towers.

Schönbrunn Palace.

This time I decided to run to one of Vienna’s best attractions- the Schönbrunn Palace, or I should rather say the baroque gardens located by the palace. The only downside of this jaunt was that I had to run most of the way across the city and had not much time left to explore the gardens due to a suboptimal location of my hotel and the fact that I didn’t feel like waking up early enough to have more time in the park. Anyway, that’s how it looked in a nutshell:

  1. About 4k through the city- boring
  2. 2k and a bit around the park
  3. About 4.5k back through the city (different route)- boring
Run route.

I would prefer to spend much more time in the park to wander around the multitude of alleys, get a bit lost in the forested area atop the hill or even run a series of hill repetitions there (there is 60 metres vertical gain/loss between the palace and the Gloriette that sits at the top)… well, not this time. The next time I’m in Vienna I’ll have to make sure to choose a more strategically located hotel. 🙂

Nice view from the Gloriette towards the palace and Vienna city centre far in the distance.

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