Training- 60 minutes tempo run

In February I had a chance to visit Italy with work and stayed for one night in San Donato Milanese, just outside of Milan. The weather was ugly: cold and rainy, so I didn’t feel like sightseeing at all. Had I expected better weather, I would have stayed in the centre of Milan and would have blogged about a running exploration of the sights in the historic city. Instead, there was nothing fancy in San Donato, so I decided to do a decent training session.

With a map of the neighbourhood in my hand I set off aiming to run about 10k or so. Once I warmed up I decided to speed up and keep a steady, fast pace for one, full hour. That’s a so-called tempo run. It is supposed to be a more intensive training than a standard, easy run, somewhat simulating a half-marathon or a marathon pace, but not as intensive as an interval training. It’s got to be hard work, but not as hard to lose breath and hit a wall before the 60 minutes are gone.

In 60 minutes’ time I managed to cover 10.76 km, resulting in a pace of 5:35 min/km. That’s not particularly fast for a tempo run, but I can justify it with a few stops and slowdowns needed to cross busy streets, due to running in a busy, urban neighbourhood. I jogged the last 5 minutes back to the hotel to cool down. Anyway, I was pleased with myself after this training, feeling I spent my time well, and having a clear head for the day ahead.

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